Hi! I’m Grace. I’m glad you’re here. I am a writer and editor living in Portland, Oregon. I work with brands to develop their voices and craft original and compelling blog posts and product descriptions. A lover of all things lifestyle, I also write articles about fitness, beauty, travel, and clothes.

When I am not writing, you will likely find me at a yoga or barre class, drinking coffee and/or wine, asking my dog about her day, reading, or watching Bravo (no shame, but also kind of shame). I enjoy writing creatively, and I hold an MFA in Poetry from Hunter College.

Please feel free to click around my site; any of the brand names listed on the bottom of my homepage will take you to my work. If you have any questions for me, or book recs, or if you know where in Portland I should get my eyebrows threaded, please reach out! You can find me at gracegalla@gmail.com or on Twitter @gracegalla, where I mostly lurk silently and laugh at other people’s jokes.